Important COVID-19 Information

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As of May 26, 2020

We know that the most pressing question on everyone’s mind is “When are we  going to be able to reopen?”   The Consistory discussed this question at length, at their most recent meeting on May 26th, and is of one mind regarding these two principles:

FIRST, we will re-open to the maximum  level allowed by law, provided that all agree to and abide by the practices that are designed to guarantee the safety of all who enter the property.

SECOND, we will be motivated by love and service to ALL who enter our building, honoring and including especially the most physically vulnerable.

Regarding the first, we are not ready to re0pen the building for worship or other purposes. However, we are well along the way with developing specific guidelines for both ourselves and users of the building, so that when the state says “open up”, we’ll be ready to go. You can be sure that we will communicate that message as broadly as possible, and will ask your help to spread the news. In the meantime, if you need to come to the church for official business, please make an appointment. 

Regarding the second, we won’t quickly be going back to business as usual. Because (and this is critical) a significant percentage of COVID-19 carriers show no symptoms but are able to spread the contagion. We will be requiring people who enter the building to abide by wise hygienic measures, and requesting that anyone who shows any signs of illness to remain home.

We’ll get there, folks, though probably not as quickly as some of you desire, and probably more quickly than some of you feel comfortable with.

What we want to be most careful to avoid is letting this virus polarize our congregation. Our only life is in Christ, and our only guide is his love. We ask your patience and support as we navigate the tricky   waters of exactly when and how to reopen. 

Rev. Paul G. Janssen



As of April 1, 2020

The Easter Holiday Meal Program provided by the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (SHIP), scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 12th has been cancelled.  For more information about SHIP's programs, please contact SHIP at (908) 393-9545.    

As of March 26, 2020

United Reformed Church, like other houses of worship, is cooperating with Governor Murphy's Executive Order 107, which strongly urges houses of worship to refrain for the time being from public gatherings. You can find his order here:

SHIP's Galley II Soup Kitchen continues to offer food to those who are in need on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Bagged lunches and to-go meals are distributed from the parking lot only, by means of SHIP's mobile food truck. We ask that all guests maintain proper social distancing, and refrain from forming a tight queue. There will be enough for all.

You may also be aware that many of downtown Somerville's businesses remain open for take-out and delivery only. You can find a list of those restaurants at:  

This is a time of great stress for all. If you feel yourself or someone you love reaching a crisis point, please call 866-202-4357 immediately. Help is available!

If you, or someone you know, happens to have a disability and are having difficulty with access or functional needs, please register at for assistance. Individuals can text NJCOVID to 898-211 for information.

We are trying to be a source for good and help in these difficult times, even though we are unable to gather for worship. Our monthly newsletter, InTouch, will contain a lot of useful information in the April issue, which will be available soon. 

And, by all means, please keep our health workers at the TOP of your prayer list, followed closely by all who are experiencing economic fallout. We, and other churches, will continue to be praying for our community. We'll just be doing it from our own homes, rather than from God's house at 100 West Main Street.