Our Mission

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Our mission is to grow in our faith and love of Jesus Christ, to extend that love into the community, and to bring others to the same. United Reformed Church declares that it will accept and welcome, without condemnation, all people of God into its fellowship regardless of race, gender, national origin, disabilities, health issues, sexual orientation or immigration status. We do so out of love for God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We welcome all who come through our doorway; families, singles, children, women, men, old, young, wealthy, struggling, European in ancestry, Asian, Hispanic, African-American, gay, straight, physically "able" or "disabled," the mentally challenged and the talented and gifted. United Reformed Church has, from its very beginnings in 1699, been a congregation at the forefront of society in loving all. Stop by, you'll feel the love!

We serve all who come to us with needs. We can't solve every problem, but we do count it as a privilege to serve meals to the hungry every Tuesday and Thursday, to host English as a Second Language (ESL) classes two days each week, to provide office space for Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity,  meeting space for Alcoholics Anonymous, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, as well as countless other community programs and events that take place in our building throughout the year.