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Hayes Family

The Hayes Family

What brings me to United Reformed Church by Linda Hayes

I was born and raised here in Somerville and come from a family with strong core values in service to others.   I was baptized, confirmed and married here at United Reformed Church.  Growing up in this church helped solidify my parents desire to instill in me these strong values of service to others, as well as my faith in Jesus.   I want my children to experience these same opportunities and that is why my family is very involved in many programs here at United.  My three children completed the Sunday School program and are confirmed in their faith.  They continue to participate in Youth Group, the handbell choir, and engage in many community service projects throughout the year.   I want to emulate the strong family values my parents gave to me to my children.  I feel the best way to pass along a value is to demonstrate through action, which is why I am also involved in many programs at United.  These various programs  give opportunities for people of all ages to help others, which fulfills the mission of the church "to love all and serve all", as well as my mission to pass along these strong family values to my children.  Whether it's to have a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ or the desire to help others, come visit and experience United on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.