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Music at United Reformed Church

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!
Director of Music, Justine Langman
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The Great Choir
The Congregation is the Great Choir of the church. We sing together the great hymns of the church, including music from a variety of styles and genres. We sing in praise, confession, meditation, prayer, and proclamation of our faith. 

Our Music Ministry During COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has placed unprecedented demands upon both the musical community and the church community. Before March 2020, it was unthinkable to musicians and worshippers alike that our practice could be done remotely, virtually, digitally, socially-distanced…and yet, when it became clear that there was no safe way to sing, play or worship together in the “normal” sense, we swiftly adapted to the “new normal.”

Since the nationwide lockdowns in March, we have been blessed to have our regular section leaders create recordings for our virtual choir, and we have featured numerous local talents as guest singers and musicians. These musicians have helped us maintain the spirit of worship in our online services.

As things have started to open up again in New Jersey, we are committed to a “hybrid” model of musical worship. That is, throughout the Fall 2020 season, you will hear recordings of our virtual choir and guest musicians played at our in-person services, along with live accompaniment provided by our music director.


Section Leaders

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 We are thrilled to have our four section leaders join us virtually for the Fall 2020 season. Our leaders are:

Soprano: Dyanne Lile (top left)            Alto: Samantha Gordon (top right)

Tenor: Vincent Giampino (bottom left)     Bass: Alexander Garcia (bottom right) 



The Chancel Choir

Because of ongoing concerns over the aerosolized transmission of coronavirus, we will not be having choir or live singers at our in-person services through at least the end of the calendar year. In lieu of live singers, we will be having our wonderful section leaders lead a virtual choir. You can either tune into our online services or come to our in-person services to hear the virtual choir. We’ll reevaluate the safety of having live singers in the spring.


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There are often opportunities for solo or group instrumentalists to play for a prelude, offering or postlude. In addition, choral and handbell pieces frequently have parts for instruments to perform with the groups. Please let us know of your talent! Please be aware that during this time of coronavirus, at our live services, we will be permitting only musicians who can remain masked and socially-distanced for the entirety of the service. However, we are committed to finding digital workarounds that allow us to make room for all talent.


The Youth Handbell Choir
Michelle Davis, Director
Membership: Youth, grades 4-12 Rehearsals usually take place on alternate Sundays at 10:20 a.m., from Fall to Spring.  Please check back in late September 2020 for updates on the fall schedule.